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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Name: Muscle ( we don't know his name)

Age: 1+

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: No

Reason for Being Given Up: Not sure

Good with Children: Unknown

Good with Dogs: Sometime dun like to have dogs around

Good with other animals: No info

Dog's Temperament: High energy, playful, attention seeker.

Dog's Problems: Untrained in soclialising with dogs

Ideal Owner: Who will bring him for runs or long walks to burn his high level energy.

Ideal Home: HDB/Condo/Landed

Contact : SMS your details to 9487 8216

Others: He is quite big for a Jack Russell. but still can live in HDB.

Fee: $0

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Friday, May 29, 2009

This pup needs a home ! adopted

Name: Buffy

Age: vet estimated to be 1mth+

Breed: Mongrel

About Buffy: Playful and active. She is small in size as she is still a puppy, however, she may grow to a medium or large sized mongrel.


Parties interested in adopting her will have to sign an agreement form. Adoptors will have to pay for her 3 vaccinations fees(receipt will be shown), and must agree to sterilise her at 6 months old. Before adopting, I will also have to drop by the adoptor's house to make sure the new enviroment is suitable for her.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mini adoption drive event.

This is a mini adoption drive event, if you are interested in adopting dog, do attend this event! Give these poor dogs a place to call their home !
Let me tell you if you're unable to see this poster, here are the details:
Loving Pets Shop
168 East Coast Road, Singapore 428866.
Sunday, 12th April.

-This poster is from . Do visit !

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Faith finding owner !

Name: Faith
Age: 10 - 12 Months
Gender: Female
Breed: Local Cross
Size (full grown): about 2.50 feet
Health: Healthy
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes
Personality: Good temperament, very friendly, loves humans
Understanding of basic commands: A bit. Highly trainable. Ok on the leash.
History: Grew up in an an industrial estate and rescued from the pound subsequently
Contact :


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This puppy needs love and care urgenlty .

Copied from a forum :

On 23/01/2009, i went to view a puppy (claimed to be a hybrid- Rottilab-Female-2 mths) that has been put up for adoption on the internet. The girl claimed she is not able to keep the puppy as she lives in a HDB flat.
The hygiene condition of he puppy was very bad. Ticks crawled onto me within seconds I held her up. The puppy was also trembling and weak. I just wanted to help her to get a better owner, I paid for the adoption fee of $128.
Immediately after receiving her, i went to the petshop and the kind lady help us the remove the ticks. To our surprise, Toto was "fully" covered with ticks/fleas. The moment she lifted up one of her ears, clumps of fleas/ticks simply dropped/crawl out of the ear. She started to clean the other ear and in between paws and other visible areas on her. She also discovered that the puppy had mild condition of Scabbies. The pest on the puppy was too much for the lady to clean. She advised that we take the puppy home and remove the ticks/flea daily.
I paid $196 at the pet shop for the spray, anti ticks shampoos, front line Drops for anti-ticks & anti-rabbies. Over the next few days, my gf and i were busy clearing the ticks/fleas on its body. Now the ticks are almost gone as the medication works well. The puppy is in good health now.
The adoption fee of $200 is to cover for the spray, anti-ticks medication and shampoo which these items will be given to the new owner.
For more information,
Contact roy 91113022


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Panda for adoption

Panda is a lovely pup with beautiful markings, very mild, gentle and quiet. She has already been trained on paper by her fosterers in this short period. She gets along with people and children and is docile. She deserves a chance at love and at a family.
Panda is currently being fostered by Aunty S. and Uncle K. and enjoying cuddles and pets as well as friendship from their happy and playful dog. She is slowly discovering the joys of being a puppy all over again instead of being humped and chased by other adult dogs, she now has a kor-kor doggy to share with her toys and chewies. Instead of piteous whining, Panda will now woof and wuff in delight and excitment just as she should, yes, as she rightfully should.
Is there anyone out there who can give her that new life? Please contact or 98383820.

She was first named Teardrops, due to her unique markings on her eyes, just like teardrops, coming down from her eyes.- Look at her sweet smile she has now, (=


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Toffee, poor boy.. he's looking for a loving home ~!

Status : Adoption / Fostering
Name : Toffee
Breed : Shih tzu
Gender : Male
Age : 3yr old
Sterilised : Not yet
Good with children : no info
Good with dogs : no info
Good with other animals : no info
Dog's temperament : He is very active , with only one eye , he still could run fast like other dogs do!
Dog's problem : Lost one eye
Any kind souls please go to ALL (Animal Love League Kennel (pets villa) at pasir ris now) , If there's anyone who could help foster it , it would be great too (:
Contact : email your details, experienced with dogs or having any dog (breed), reason for adopting . If you couldn't email the person, please email it to me @ (=
**attention, no breeding or abusing, this lil boy needs love and care, sincere adopters only.
Photos: will update soon .

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